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Child Guidance Program Evaluation


The mission of the multidisciplinary Child Guidance Program is to promote optimal development, behavior and interaction for families with children.

Primary Functions

The purpose of program evaluation is to assess the effectiveness and determine outcomes of Child Guidance programs, as well as verify the extent of fidelity to evidence-based programs.

The following objectives support these efforts:

  • Measure program outcomes
  • Determine the extent of change in child, parent, family and/or teacher knowledge, attitudes and behaviors
  • Assess fidelity to the evidence-based programs offered by Child Guidance
  • Document services provided
  • Document number of participants statewide
  • Determine participant satisfaction
  • Collect statewide program data
  • Standardized procedures statewide

Reporting Information:

This is the FY 2010 Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Annual Summary.  Early Childhood Mental Health Consultations are provided to licensed child care facilities through collaboration between the Oklahoma State Department of Human Services, the Oklahoma State Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Consultants are professionals trained in early childhood behavioral health and development, and are available to visit child care facilities over an extended period of time to support staff in dealing with children and families under stress, and promote the well being of everyone in the facility. The consultant offers tools, techniques and options to address a variety of challenges that may arise when caring for young children.

This report contains the evaluation results of the Incredible Years Parent Programs conducted at Child Guidance locations across the state of Oklahoma.  The Incredible Years Parent Program is an evidence-based program that focuses on strengthening parenting skills in order to promote children’s social and emotional competencies and reduce conduct problems.  Components of the program build upon one another and include promoting positive behaviors, building social skills, and providing effective praise.

Contact Information:
Bert Plants, DVM, MPH
Child Guidance Service 
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 NE 10th St 
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299

Phone: (405) 271-4477   Email:  Child Guidance Mailbox

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