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Monthly IS Updates

Customer Success and IT Operations

  • The IT Operations team is currently working on the ITOCC 2.0 project. A large part of this process includes enhancing the reporting and monitoring capabilities for ITOCC and making processes quicker. Watch episode 12 of Let’s Talk About I.T. to learn more about this team and their projects.  

Networks and Servers

The network team continues the process of replacing network hardware across the state to refresh end-of-lease equipment, standardize all older network configurations to the current OMES standard and upgrade other equipment to increase functionality and performance.

For April, OMES performed maintenance for:

  • Oklahoma Employee Security Commission.
  • Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs.
  • Oklahoma State Department of Health.
  • Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.
  • Oklahoma Human Services.
  • Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services.
  • Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education.

Upcoming projects:

  • Second Quarter Core Network Maintenance will begin on May 5. Quarterly maintenance of the network is required to ensure reliability and compliance, improve upon existing functionality, and maintain a secure environment.

Cyber Command

  • We remind you to stay vigilant while using your Outlook email account. If you encounter any suspicious emails, please report them using our Outlook phishing tool. This is an important step in maintaining the security of our systems and protecting our data. Watch this video to learn how to report a phishing email.
  • We've set up Firefox to work more efficiently in our system. It can now use Windows Single Sign-On (SSO) and enterprise certificates across the state. This will improve the overall performance of Firefox in our environment.
  • If you need to share large files externally, please use OneDrive. It's a secure and efficient way to share files, and it's already integrated with our system. By using OneDrive, you can be sure that your files are protected, and that only authorized individuals can access them. Check out our user guide for detailed steps on sharing large files.

Upcoming Projects:

  • Coming soon to a computer near you!  As Windows 10 nears its end of life in 2025, Information Services is migrating to Windows 11.  Stay tuned for more information and dates of implementation.

Applications and Data

  • The Applications and Data team collaborated with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board to launch their website Updating websites regularly is crucial to offer the best services to Oklahomans and provide a reliable source of information.
Last Modified on Apr 30, 2024
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