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Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Data

BRFSS data specific to Oklahoma and to the Nation are available through a variety of sources. 

Oklahoma BRFSS data are available on the OSDH OK2SHARE site by frequencies, percentages, and weighted frequencies.  In addition to the data, combined years of information, confidence intervals can be generated.  

Oklahoma BRFSS Maps used in the Oklahoma State of the State's Health Reports are available in pdf format. 

National BRFSS data, including data for states and territories, are available as prevalence data, trend data and maps through the CDC BRFSS web site.  

BRFSS Prevalence Data & Data Analysis Tools are available for Risk Behavior/Circumstance by nation, state,  territory, or year and category.

BRFSS Maps and GIS Data are available by year and subject category. 

Contact Information

Center for Health Statistics
Oklahoma State Department of Health
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Oklahoma City, OK 73102-6406
(405) 426-8030
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