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About OSDH

The Oklahoma State Department of Health protects and improves public health through its system of local health services and strategies focused on preventing disease. Five major service branches - Community Health, Family Health Services, Prevention and Preparedness, Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and Protective Health Services - provide technical support and guidance to 68 county health departments as well as guidance and consultation to the two independent city-county health departments in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.


Leading Oklahoma to prosperity through health.


To protect and promote health, to prevent disease and injury and to cultivate conditions by which Oklahomans can thrive.


Service | Collaboration | Respect | Accountability

Keith Reed, RN, MPH, CPH

Keith Reed, RN, MPH, CPH, current Oklahoma Commissioner of Health, has worked for the state of Oklahoma for 25 years, with the past 20 in various local and state leadership roles with in the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

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Chief Medical Officer

Chief Legal Council

  • Office of Administrative Hearings

Chief of Staff

  • Office of Communications

Chief Operation Officer

  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Vital Records (Birth & Death Certificates)

Chief Financial Officer

  • A/P & Payroll
  • Budget & Purchasing (Procurement)
  • Controller
  • Federal Financial Reports
  • Grants
  • Revenue

Chief Data, Public Policy & Promotion Officer

  • Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion
  • Center for Health Statistics
  • Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

OSDH Program Areas