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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at OSDH

GIS is an emerging technology at the Oklahoma State Department of Health. For many years, OSDH has been using non-electronic methods of mapping and spatial analysis such as road maps with pushpins. This type of mapping continues in many programs, but a growing number of staff have taken an interest in moving their mapping and spatial analyses into a GIS environment.

Computerized mapping with GIS was first used in OSDH in 1996 by the Chronic Disease Service for mapping cancer registry data, followed by the WIC Service in 2001 for mapping WIC clinics and vendors. Awareness of GIS and usage of the technology expanded significantly in early 2005 when a Chronic Disease epidemiologist started the OSDH GIS Users Group to provide a forum for agency GIS users to ask questions, share data and information, and request support for projects.

In the fall of 2006, a GIS Coordinator was hired to conduct a needs assessment for the agency with the ultimate goal of setting up a centralized GIS system for OSDH. The needs assessment has been completed, and the agency has established a GIS Advisory Committee to assist with planning for the centralized GIS database and prioritizing tasks for the GIS staff.

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